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Editorial review


Francisco Martínez Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 1.3
We Change IP is an all-in-one tool that allows you to manage and modify all the parameters of your LAN connection within one single interface. It allows you to customize not only your IP address, but also the SubNet mask, the Gateway, the DNS server, or the DHCP status.
Besides, it will show you (and will let you edit) all the settings required to configure your network proxy.

We Change IP lets you create as many profiles as needed. Each of these profiles will store your various preferences when it comes to the IP settings for your network, the proxy server the profile will be using, and the number of net shares. Thus, you can create different profiles for different ways of connecting to the Net (using a static IP address, a dynamic one, with or without a proxy, configuring your proxy using a configuration file, etc.), and select the one that fits best with the type of connection you will be using.

In the Network tab you have access to the parameters that define your IP address. Here you can choose your preferred network device, as well as a dynamic or a static IP address. The latter will require you to input your IP, SubNet, Gateway, and DNS keys. In the Proxy tab you can decide whether to connect to the Net via a proxy server or not. In case you do require one, you can tell We Change IP to use the same proxy for all your connection protocols (HTTP, SSL, FTP, Gopher, and SOCKS) or to detect the proxy automatically.

The program will list all the profiles you have created in its main interface, and whenever you select and apply one of them, your corresponding settings in your network’s configuration and your preferred Internet browser will be updated accordingly.

Thus, instead of changing your connection parameters every time you need to change your connection protocol, you just need to select the right profile in We Change IP. Instead of wasting your precious time looking for the menus and options where you can find the various settings needed to change your LAN connection, just select your We Change IP profile and start navigating.


  • Brings together all you need to manage your LAN connection in a single interface.
  • Clear and simple interface.


  • None.
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